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Liquid - Urban Decay - All Nighter Foundation

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One word: DRYING asf!!! Yo me myself im an oily skin type of gal. Supposedly, this foundation is perfect for me right, but no, it accentuates the dry flakes i have, emphasizes my skin texture. Although it keeps your face matte, it makes it dull. And the color tone is so yellow. However, ill still use it tho, but i wont reach for it again if it runs out

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Lip Treatments - Maybelline New York - Baby Lips Lip Balm

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my lips arent too chapped, but sometimes i need a boost of moisture and a lil hint of color to my pale lips. when i first saw this, i thought it was going to be amazing, but it turned out disappointing. yes, my lips were feeling hydrated at first, and the color was pretty, but after an hour, i started to feel my lips flaking so i put more, and it went back and forth. it made my lips cracked a …Read more

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