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Lotions/ Creams - Olay - Quench Shimmer Body Lotion

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Fairly nice lotion at a great price but it was just so so:( My main complaint is the smell...awful! It has the aroma of cheap suntan lotion:( I just do not understand why the creators of skin lotion think everybody wants to smell like fake coconuts! BLECH:( In addition to the sickening odor there is no discernable "shimmer". I will finish the product but I won't buy it again. The …Read more

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Fragrances - CLINIQUE - Calyx

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I absolutely adore this fragrance! I wore it waaay back when in the 80s....just found it again recently. It is fresh and light and it mellows out on the skin beautifully. It wears a long time:) Back then I wore it all the time and just loved the 30 years later it is just lovely but now it reminds me of Johnsons baby shampoo. And trust me there is no smell as beautiful as freshly …Read more

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Moisturizers - Olay - Night of Olay Firming Cream

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I have used this for 40 years and I love it ! I love the smell of it....but I am an old girl. I use a serum for wrinkles and clarity but I still feel the need to moisturise at night. This is great:) Not too heavy. Although when I met my husband 34 years ago he told me this cream reminded him of his grandmother! He actually meant it as a compliment:) So I do concede it smells like "old …Read more

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Shampoo - PANTENE - Truly Natural Co-Wash

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I have baby fine thin wavy blond hair. I had been using Wen and loved it but it got so expensive I thought I'd try the Pantene Cowash for natural hair. The lady at the checkout said to me " You do know this is for African American hair types don't you?" I said no I didn't. Anyway I bought it anyway and the results are amazing! Soft silky shiny hair with bounce! I love …Read more

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