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Primer/ Corrector - MILANI - Make It Dewy Setting Spray

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Love the way this makes my makeup look, and how it feels on the skin but there's something off with the formula with how it sprays. Had issues with iffy spraying from the nozzle and assumed I just got a dud bottle or something so I thought to just pop the lid and pour it into my travel spray bottle (one with an amazing fine mist btw) and....... same issue. Lol. I paid 17 dollars for this? …Read more

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Hair Treatments - Garnier - Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

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Such an amazing product! If you're like myself who has really thick, frizzy, hispanic hair, this product is sent from heaven! Not only does it smell really good, it also tames the frizzy beast on my head into beautiful sleek goddess hair.
It's so versatile as well, like if you have wavy/curly hair and don't want to damage your hair with a straightener everyday, just use this …
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Lip Treatments - eos - Lip Balm Sphere - Summer Fruit

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Honestly, I have no idea why this product is so hyped up. Like yeah, the packaging is pretty cute and it smells pretty good, but this does honestly nothing for your lips. Like every morning I use a homemade lip scrub that usually makes my lips so soft and supple, but after applying this lip balm it dried my lips out so badly! Not only that, it even leaves a weird residue on your lips after a few …Read more

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