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Treatments (Face) - CLINIQUE - Acne Solutions Night Treatment Gel [DISCONTINUED]

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This worked well for me. It has a high alcohol concentration and can be drying. However I notice a big difference the next morning when I apply this at night. It really helps to shrink the size and redness of my breakouts and it also last a long time. I recommend only applying it to the affected areas to avoid excessive drying. This isnt a treatment that can be used w/ a regular regimen, but …Read more

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Lip Gloss - BECCA - glossy lip tint-frappe

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I liked this. Frappe is a pretty color, the consistency is not sticky and it goes on nicely. The only thing is that it dosent last that long; on lips as well as the product itself overall. It wears off quickly, requiring re-application and the gloss was gone alot quicker than most glosses packaged like this. Overall, it was good while it lasted, and the color and gloss itself was good enough that …Read more

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Treatments (Face) - Black Opal - essential fade complex

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I have been using this product for about 5 days now and I
have seen dramatic results! The dark spots resulting from
past breakouts have faded tremendously, and my overall skin
tone appears almost completely even. I have been using the
fade complex in conjunction with the essential fade daily
wash and lotion, which I believe contributes to the
effectiveness. I …
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