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Hair Styling Tools - REVLON - One-Step Hair Dryer & Voluminizer

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7 months ago

I don't understand why it gets such good reviews. It was the same as using a blowdryer and round brush. I saw no difference except the ends looked nicer. I would rather use a brush because this was bulky and not easy to use. Maybe it's because my hair is fine and this product would be better for thicker hair. Either way, I'm trying to now resell it, I see no value in it.

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Concealers - RIMMEL - Match Perfection Concealer

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I bought the Match Perfection concealer after a store clerk recommend it and it is the most disappointing make up product I can remember buying. It is almost all gone after only 2 months - I have to squeeze the tube really hard to get any bit out. I only used it under my eyes and not every day - most concealers can last me years. It does blend well but the coverage was very poor and didn't …Read more

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