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Highlighters - NARS Cosmetics - The Multiple in Luxor

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The quality of this product is a five but overall its a four because the amount of product is too much resulting in extremely high price. I doubt I'd finish using this product even using it all the time and because you always have to touch it directly it probably wouldn't be good to keep for more than five years, while the packaging says 2 years. So less product for better price would …Read more

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Eye Shadow - NARS Cosmetics - Night Star

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After reading the poor reviews here, I thought I might have to return it but have been pleasantly surprised by my results. I bought this product because I felt that the glitter in it was unique to the NARS brand and I didn't want to just purchase an eye shadow that I could find elsewhere. I accomplished this with NARS Hungry Heart Duo (another controversial product) that I can add on top of …Read more

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