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Mascara - REVLON - Dramatic Definition Mascara

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8 months ago

Omg this mascara has the SPIKIEST wand ever to the point where I've finished applying my makeup and ruined it TWICE because I've stabbed myself in the eye and CRIED and ruined my makeup. I've never used a mascara with such a rough, spiky wand. On the plus side I do notice a lot of lenghthening with this mascara (the results are quite nice). But yeah the spiky wand. Never again.

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Lip Treatments - eos - Lip Balm Sphere - Summer Fruit

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Ughh I really don't like this. The smell is really off, and you end up coating your lips in a really thick layer that slides off and doesn't really moisturise at all. I don't find my lips healed or hydrated any time after using this and the formula is really waxy.

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This is a weird shampoo. I guess I'm used to more 'normal' shampoos that contain silicones, dyes, and parabens that make your hair feel smoother and richer so using Ice Shine was a completely different experience for me. I recently used up an entire 750mL bottle of this tonight which lasted me the bulk of this year, so a long time to be on just one shampoo. The reason I say that …Read more

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Lip Treatments - Carmex - Moisturizing Lip Balm

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The best lip balm ever! Carmex is so, so always does its job no matter when you pick it up. There's always a certain comfort level about having such a lifeline around. Such as this morning, I woke up with the driest lips, which was extremely odd as my lips have been so soft recently..but I picked up my carmex and they were back to perfect in a minute (no idea how I managed this …Read more

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