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Eye Primer - By Terry - Hyaluronic Eye Primer

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I can't decide i f this product worth the money... and is expensive to buy one more to try it again, I will see.
It s not a concealer, it is just a primmer for concealer with Hyaluronic of course, but what does Hyaluronic to outer layer of the skin? retain moisture in the skin. Ok so what? and my eye cream do it better.
For eye shadows is "so & so" .

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Eyeliner - benefit Cosmetics - They're Real Push-Up Eyeliner

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The most amazing eyeliner ever!
I believe is the best eyeliner I ever bought till to day.
I wear eyeliner for many many years to understand that...I had a liquid Christian Dior eyeliner!

Anyway this is the most easier pen to draw a line you want.
Is stable and you have very smooth line.
Excellent choice, even for beginners.
And is drying immediately to avoid to …
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Blush - MAC Cosmetics - Small Vanity

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A nice powder blush! Is amazing color - not orange - not brown - not rose - not red- is a nice "healthy blush"on your face. Stay all day and doesn't break!

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