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Bronzers - The Body Shop - Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

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I got this in the lightest shade (which is 01 and not 02 as someone before me stated) because I wanted something subtle- It turned out to be too light, but I hope it will show up better in the winter when I am paler.
In any case, the color is beautiful, natural, mat and not orange. My only complaint is that it doesn't last more than an hour or two. Too bad.
Nevertheless, I may …
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Eye Shadow - MAC Cosmetics - Eye Shadow - Shale

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I'm really glad I read the reviews here. I was sure I got a bad shadow – I had NO payoff what so ever. But I tried scraping off the top layer as recommended by a few of you (I used sand paper) and it worked!
I tried the same trick with a few other shadows which had little payoff and it improved them all.
Nevertheless, I still wouldn't buy it again. In the end of the day, it …
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Eye Shadow - MAC Cosmetics - Mineralize - Blue My Mind

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I was really disappointed with this product. I admit I haven't tried it wet, but I didn't like it at all as a dry eye shadow. There is barely any pigment, the light color looks uneven on the skin and the black falls on the lid like baby powder (messy, uneven and way to light). Is this how all the mineralized eye shadows are? If so, I'll know not to buy them again!
(P.S – I …
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