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Fragrances - Calvin Klein - CKbe

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hard to believe, but i just discovered this: clean, warm, your-skin-but-better kind of scent. the first of it´s kind, i believe, and there have been TONS modeled after this (from muglers cologne to uncle serge´´s léau and everything in between and since.) when i smelled it i immediately bought a bottle last week and have been wearing it every day since. and that´s saying something.

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Fragrances - Unlisted Brand - Smell Bent Violet Tendencies

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this, to me, is a straight up leather.
no, let me re-phrase that: it's a straight up LEATHER.
more leather than most any other leather out there.
no violet to my nose.
no spruce.
no oud.

leather pure and simple.

as such, i think it would be a great base for any other thing that might strike your fancy.
tomorrow i shall try it with, yes, you …
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Fragrances - Unlisted Brand - hors la monde shiloh x

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this is encre noire light and wearable.
doesn't say so in the press releases, but has loads of vetiver.
transparent and smooth though (not like encre noire, which is dense and heavy and somewhat scratchy, if you will.)

very nice.

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Fragrances - Parfums M.Micallef - Mon Parfum

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lovely perfume:

top-notes similar to to mugler's a*men (for men.)
base-notes not so much: dries down to a creamy, smooth, warm and musky-woody skin-scent.

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