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Lipstick - Lipstick Queen - Lipstick

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I'm not actually a lipstick person, I usually just try to keep my lips nice and moisturized and soft. I don't like to overdo it.
I've got this in "Saint Rose".
I'm in love.
It's a pretty, bright, subtle raspeberry pink. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's not so subtle it's unnoticeable, but it doesn't look fake (my greatest …
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Hair Color - Clairol - Nice 'n Easy Hair Color

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I used this to cover up some bad hi-lights, I used a color very close to my original, but now it has a nice, natural-looking gold tint. I've had several compliments ("Wow, I love your haircolor! Is that you're natural color?" To which I always have to reply "Uh, sortof...") and I really like it.
However, the smell is almost unbearable. It was so chemically …
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Hair Color - L'Oreal Paris - Hi-Light Styliste

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Well, first I read the reviews, like I always do.
They were all really good, so I decided I might buy it. A few weeks later, when I actually got around to buying it ('Creamy Caramel', 10.00 or so at Target), I checked the reviews again... just to make sure. Most of the reviews about the shade I bought were fairly good, so I figured I was safe as long as above 50% of you said …
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