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Fragrances - Elizabeth Arden - Red Door

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I think I won the lottery!! I managed to pass my bottle of Red Door onto a friend who actually loves the stuff (and lives far enough away that I won't have to smell it on her). She thinks she's won the lottery but I know differently. This fragrance is just too, too, too everything. Too 80s, too stinky, too in your face, too headache-inducing. I'm so glad to be rid of it. …Read more

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Polishes - OPI - Color of the Zen-tury

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I own hundreds of nail polishes and this is my first review, so that should give you an idea of how much I like this color. It's from an old collection but this kind of mauvey-gray has come around again and the shimmer sparks it up a bit as compared to all the creme mauve-grays of the last year or so. I was looking for something neutral after last month's BF, Space Cadet, and glitter …Read more

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