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Treatments (Face) - Unlisted Brand - Azelex

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I have used Azelaic Acid for some months now (on and off) and I only have good things to write about this product, since it has helped my redness fade away (I have PIH left from acne) and it keeps new acne at bay. Be aware that it does makes the skin tight, dry and even can lighten it up a bit.

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Treatments (Face) - Vaseline - Petroleum Jelly

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love ittt always and forever..I have acne prone skin and it actually heals and scars faster. I apply it over natural products or after splashing my face with water to seal the moisture. not good as a moisturizer before makeup!

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Toners - LUSH - Eau Roma Water

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Horrible product.. it feels so chemical. made my skin feel tingly, reader and break out.
stay away if you have acne prone skin!

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