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Polishes - Sally Hansen - Triple Shine - Wavy Blue

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This was on clearance at Rite Aid for 75 cents, so I couldn't say no to it. The color is a very deep, vivid, sparkly sapphire blue, and I'm a sucker for blue polish. However, the formula sucks. It's extremely thin and runny. I needed four coats to reach even opacity, but that meant that the polish was really vulnerable to dings and smudging while I was applying. There is some minor …Read more

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Polishes - ILNP - 'Cherry Luxe'

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Someone on nail board mentioned they'd like to see more reviews for polishes, so here is the start of my contribution.

This polish is okay. The formula is smooth, it covers well, and it manages not to pool at the sides of my nails. The brush is flat and narrow, but the bristles spread well. I got three days of wear before I had noticeable tip wear, which is average for me with …
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Polishes - Sally Hansen - Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Color

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This is the only polish I've ever hated so much out of the bottle that I didn't even finish putting it on before I got annoyed and had to take it off. The fibery bits are too sparse and if you treat it like a regular glitter polish and sort of blop it on and spread it around, it's way too thick. I used "All Yarned Up" (yellow, blue, and coral fibers) over Sally …Read more

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