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Scrubs - Trader Joe's - Blueberry & Acai Facial Scrub

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I like the glass jar and tin top but the product was no good for my skin! Although this stuff smells so good jus like blueberry yogurt , it clogged my pores and made me break out really bad on my also has the weakest exfoliation beads (seeds) ever.., they tend to have a scratchy feeling

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Lipstick - NYX Professional Makeup - Lip Lingerie

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I enjoy using this product, nice classy nude shade, glides on too creamy but dries on Matte, is matte like a high end brand of lipstick which I like a lot...packaging is cute and discreet so that I can pack it in my purse without bulk or messiness

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Fragrances - Aquolina - Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette

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I really enjoy this scent even in my mid 20s! Has a candy sweet scent but a really sexy clean scent that is appealing and is ideal in the summer or fall. This is original to me because most eu de toillettes and body sprays go for more of a musky floral scent but this one makes me smell good enough to eat!!! The price is a bit expensive but the bottle lasts a while. When the perfume dries it …Read more

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Toners - Dermalogica - AGE Smart Antioxidant Hydramist

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I went to ulta looking for a abrasive but gentle all natural face scrub(I know I was looking for a miracle in a bottle!) I literally sampled every product there. Then I came scross the dermalogica daily microscrub, I sampled product on my hand, and it appeared to be scrubby; so I bought it! Upon check out the sales associate have me a free dermalogica gift set and that's when it all began! …Read more

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Hair Treatments - Shea Moisture - Thickening Growth Milk

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Jus got this from target, I love shea moisture products, I hope to see some improvements in my hair.right now i suffer from thinning edges and my hair barely grows.
it would be nice if this stuff works.I dnt like the smell at all, it smells like cheap perfume. Txtur of product is perfect for my dry relaxed hair

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Scrubs - Alba Botanica - Acne Dote face & body scrub

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I liked the product when I first tried it out.I was sceptical when I noticed it said maximum strength but I still used the product knowing u had sensitive skin because most natural priducts barely ever break me out but this product unfortunately did! I like the abrasive scrub action , my skin felt and look so smooth and didn't feel tight or dry.I was confident I had found my new beauty …Read more

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