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Treatments (Face) - Biotherm - Life Plankton Essence

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First off, I have oily skin, but (as I have recently figured out) quite dehydrated skin as well. I first used this product after receiving a sample of it from Sephora... and it smelled gross! The product itself smells like, in my opinion... like... sweating in a shirt, tossing the dirty shirt back into the back of the closet and leaving it there for a couple of weeks, only to use it again. But it …Read more

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Cleansers - Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser

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I would never use this product if I wore makeup that day. It does not remove makeup, but since the product is incredibly gentle, I use it after washing my face with my other cleanser, around my eyes, to make sure there is no mascara residue left. But even then, it doesn't do a great job. So, no... It's not great for my oily and somewhat problematic skin. It doesn't break me out …Read more

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Concealers - Maybelline New York - Fit Me Concealer

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I purchased this concealer with the purpose of concealing, which is obvious, and it does so, except with a few disadvantages. To begin with, this concealer does not do a good job when it comes to concealing my dark circles, but leaves it creasing and looking crusty, because of the drynesss (using eyecreams and such does not help).

It definitely rubs off during the day and does not stay …
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