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Hair Styling Tools - Remington - Sleek and Curl

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After my cheapy Revlon straightener died I replaced it with this one choosing it mostly based on it's pretty colors (a brown/burgundy body with pink shimmery plates) and it's relatively inexpensive price of $35.

I laughed when I saw that it came with a how-to DVD but I loved that it came with a 4-year warranty. I am actually keeping all the paperwork and receipts needed for …
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Lipstick - MAC Cosmetics - Matte Lipstick - Chili

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Wow--that is all I can say. A makeup artist friend of mine recommended this shade for me and she was right on. I hesitated for weeks before finally buying--I have a whole drawer full of bad red lipstick! I've wanted to be a red lipstick person for YEARS but everything made me look like a clown, or sick or smeared all over my face or smelled terrible or gunked up on my lips or dried them out …Read more

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