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Hair Color - Unlisted Brand - Hairprint

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7 months ago

I am sorry to add to the bad reviews... but i have to.
I tried Hairprint every 4 to 6 weeks for 1.5 years or maybe even 2 years.
I gave up last summer after having been in contact with Hairprint people for months to try to find a solution to my hair being black every single time... no matter if I used light brown or just brown, whether I stopped using the "prepare" shampoos …
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Treatments (Eye) - Aubrey Organics - Lumessence Rejuvenating Eye Cream

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Beware!! I am a all organic girl and I was thrilled to have found an eye cream that was so. I used it fine at first. I did not like too much that my eye area was all shiny from it...but you can rub it gently and it goes away. The BIG problem is that I started to develop some sensitivity to the product. At first, I was not sure that the pimple (not acne, something else) forming around my eyes …Read more

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Tinted Moisturizer - Physicians Formula - Organic Wear

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I like this product because most of its ingredients are organic, the price is great, it's easy to get it anywhere, the colors are good, I don't get oily from it.... but I think that I get some break out from it. I used Jane Iredale's before (pressed powder) and I never broke out. So I think I will go back to my old habits... I like the idea of liquid foundation, but it seems like …Read more

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