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Lip Gloss - Victoria's Secret - Beauty Rush Gloss (all)

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I love these!
They smell great, taste great, feel great etc
The 5 for $20 is great to get too because if it's 2 for $10, then you're getting one for free!
I have Cantaloopy, Red Delicious, Puddin Pie, Butterscotcha, Nilla Fudge, Lotta Colada, I Want Candy and a couple more I can't remember. I just finished up my Cariberry one yesterday.
The only thing I …
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Lip Gloss - Caboodles - Lip Gloss in Joker

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I got this as a gift and I really like it.
It's a clear gloss with alot of iridescent sparkle and it smells kinda like cherry
The texture is a little thick though, but long lasting
It's also a little gritty from the glitter, but it's still pretty on your lips
The tube is a kind of rounded tube with a flat, alot lik those test tubes found in science labs …
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Eyeliner - Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Graphite Shimmer Ink

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I can't seem to find the brush to match this oh so perfectly.
I've been putting it on with a pen tip lol and it worked fine btw.
I like how it's so creamy and smooth that it dries and stays on for a long time.
Wonderful product, quite pricey

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Lips - My Lip Stuff - Rainbow Sherbet

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I love this one.
YUmmy, citrusy, sweet, delicious
A great balm for newer MLS buyers, because it ROCKS!
Definately repurchase

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Lips - My Lip Stuff - Cake and Ice Cream

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This is a great scent, but this doesn't smell like cake to me.
More like REALLY sweet caramel/butter/sugar 'frosting'?
I'm not sure if it's supposed to be sweetened or not but there is a slight 'splenda-y' taste to it.
It's really good, but really sweet too
EDIT: If you keep using this, it eventually smells like really strong …
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Lip Treatments - Mary Kay - Lip Protector Sunscreen SPF 15

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I got this for free as well, and I'm not "OH MY GOODNESS! THIS IS SO GOOD! YOU HAVE TO TRY! YOU JUST HAVE TO!" excited about it.
Compared to my other favorite chapsticks like MyLipStuff (yum), this tugs your lips and you need to rub the stick over your lips about 30 times literally.
It's fragrance free, and white in the tube, so it's not unappealing or …
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Lip Gloss - Bonne Bell - Lip Lites - Cream Pop

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I thought the smell "cream pop" would be yummy, and it is, but I also thought that it would be good quality.
It really silvery-metallicy (like CottonCandyCrazy mentioned)
But it smells good. Like sour pink lemonade.
I HATE how the first time you open it and you close it, it clumps up at the top and makes it 'overflow'
No repurchase,

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