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Styling Products - Paul Mitchell - ExpressStyle Round Trip Liquid Curl Definer

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My hair has gotten quite curly/frizzy in the past few years, and I have tried all sorts of products to cut the frizz. None of them worked--they left my hair either hard to the touch or greasy looking. Ick. So, I started fighting my curly hair and straightened it whenever I had the time...big hassle.

A few months ago a friend gave me a bottle of Round Trip. It is AMAZING. It …
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Treatments - Avon - Nail Experts Strong Results Length & Strength Complex

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Ok, I have been using this off and on, not too pleased. The color of my nails improved, but I was not convinced that it was doing anything to make them harder or stronger...until last night, when my husband noticed them...let me just say he could tell a difference, and he liked it, and I'm hooked on this stuff now :)

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