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Lipstick - LipSense - Lipsense Color

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As a professional MU artist I usually turn my nose up at any makeup company using direct sales. A friend of mine was selling this and I thought I would be nice and at least try it. I expected it to go into my lipstick graveyard. I was absolutely floored at the way this color wears. It stayed on all day and my lips didn't look gross. I tried it for 3 days in a row as suggested... I am in …Read more

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Mascara - Younique - 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara Set

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As a makeup artist I should have known not to buy this junk. I was told it was water resistant. That sold me right away. Water resistant is better for your lashes than waterproof and is hard to find. After using this the first time I looked like I had tar on my lashes, my eyes were irritated and I had black smudges by my brow bone and lower lash line. If you want voluminous looking lashes …Read more

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Mascara - FairyDrops - Scandal Queen Mascara

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I was upset when Sephora stopped carrying this product. I recently ordered from the Fairy Drop website, to my surprise, it came in the mail the next day! So happy to have my beloved mascara again. Seriously best mascara ever! I've tried them all and nothing compares.

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