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Lip Treatments - Smith's Rosebud Salve - Rosebud Salve

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I think this is the only lip product I've ever actually finished and repurchased. It just works. The original scent is my favorite but because it's a floral with powdery undertones I would't say it's for everyone. They sell this in a squeeze tube now, which I much prefer! I love Rosebud and will always have a tube of it on my nightstand!

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Lip Treatments - Unlisted Brand - Chicken Poop

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Feels great but the overwhelming lavender scent makes me unable to bear it most of the time. It has sort of an oily feel which I love for night time but I wouldn't recommend it for under lipstick. Wish this came in unscented.

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Palettes - Coastal Scents - 88 eyeshadow palette

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These eyeshadows are NOT the same quality as mac or any other high-end makeup. Most of the shades are nicely pigmented, yes, but they are just not wearable. Like someone else said, the colors look more suitable for face painting than for grown- up m/u. Very juvenile looking, imo. Don't get this palette unless you are <12 and just want to play with colors. Mine went in the trash.

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