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Highlighters - NARS Cosmetics - The Multiple in Luxor

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I absolutely adore this product! Despite looking thick and a mixture of shimmer and a matte finish, it glides onto the skin really well. It's very light and highlights my face really well. I also found it a great shimmering base for my eyelids and am planning on testing it out in different ways. It is a little bit pricey but I can put this on my face without worrying about what else I want …Read more

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Eyeliner - Dior - Crayon Eyeliner

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I am a massive fan of Dior products, I use their foundations, blush etc but I was really disappointed with this product. In terms of actual eyeliner - it's very average and it's a good starting eyeliner but it is not the most durable. For its price range it is totally not worth it.

Would not buy again.

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