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Treatments - Orly - Nailtrition

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Very good. Moisturizing for nails. When on, nails feel strong for about three days, after that they become more pliable ( still strong) due to moisturizers. I would not do the two week regime again, as that many coats of polish feels like my nails ate too heavy. If you already have peels, this will make them worse on removal - due to the moisturizing properties, but if you can let them grow out …Read more

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Top/Base Coats - Unlisted Brand - Pretty Serious Crystal Coat Quick Dry Top Coat

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I have a few pretty serious nail polishes, but am trying their crystal top coat for the first time today. The first notable feature is how hard it makes my Mani. Its really like a "crystal" hard layer over top of polish. I can't think of any other top coat that gives this effect. The formula is thinner compared to some others, but still gives beautiful shine and appears thick …Read more

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Mascara - Maybelline New York - Illegal Length Fiber Extensions

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I usually buy cheap mascara, Maybelline, or whatever's on sale - I don't wear it often. My lashes are OK length, but they are blonde, so mascara transforms them. I bought this as a treat as it was a bit more expensive $15aud+. The first thing I noticed when applying, is that my lashes did not curl back, like they usually would. The formula is very thick, and my lashes didn't …Read more

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Shampoo - Joico - Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo

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Annihilated my hair. After washing and conditioning, I gently towel dried my bleached blonde hair and it felt sticky and made a sudsy sound. I rinsed again. Was still a bit sticky, air dried and my hair looked and felt totally fried. The worst it has ever been. I had to put Argan oil and chi keratin leave in conditioner to help save it. I don't think it even washed it. Will never use again. …Read more

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