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Self Tanners - Banana Boat - Sunless Tanning Creme - Deep Dark

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I have used this for years!! It used to be the best but they recently changed it and now the product is white! You can’t see where it is on your skin and that’s just asking for streaks. It smells worse and takes forever to develop. You ruined a great product banana boat!!

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Nails - Sally Hansen - Salon gel polish start kit

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Remember that fake crappy nail polish that came in the little girls first makeup kits? It was better than this crap. I could have clipped all of my nails off and had them grow back before this stuff dried!! And it chipped 30 minutes after I applied it!!! Who are they kidding?

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Self Tanners - Sally Hansen - Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup

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I love this stuff! ( I like the spray better) It goes on so even and makes my skin look flawless! I actually like the light shimmer. It’s pretty without being stripperish. I recommend putting lotion on first and letting dry well before applying this stuff.

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