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Eyeliner - Laura Mercier - Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Mahogany Brown

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To me it's a Holy Grail product. I've NEVER had a good eyeliner experience. I have hooded eyes and oily eyelids, for years I just assumed that I was bound to never be able wear anything else besides mascara... until I saw a "tightlining technique" video (it consists of lining between the root of your eyelashes from below the top lashes with a small flat eyeliner brush). I …Read more

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Eyeliner - Jordana Cosmetics - Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner Pen

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I got the brown one at Kmart last week. On my first impression it was a reddish watery mess to the point that I almost threw it out. Well... I decided to store it with the tip pointing down for 2 days and it came back to life! It's showing as a dark brown when I swatched it on my hand! I guess the formula separated from being stored for such a long time standing up. I'm happy I gave it …Read more

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Eye Shadow - wet n wild - Color Icon Eyeshadow Single - Brulee

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I'm on my second one. I use this in my everyday routine under my brow and if there is a lot of redness on my lids I'll put it all over.
I don't know how, but both of them have shattered without falling or getting hit by anything. I think it's because the plastic clasp in the packaging is too hard to open and close and that's what makes it shatter. I recently did …
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Lipstick - Maybelline New York - Color Sensational - 125 Pink Petal

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I just read in today's news this article:
"400 lipstick brands found to contain lead by FDA"

It referred to this particular lipstick shade as: "The worst offender was "Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Petal" by L'Oreal USA."

Even though the article finishes saying: "The FDA says the lead detected does …
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