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Mascara - MAC Cosmetics - Plush Lash [DISCONTINUED]

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This mascara looks really nice when I put it on. It coats every lash without clumping, but all day, or night, long it flakes off into a fine powder under my eyes making it look like I have dark circles. No matter how frequently I cleaned it up there would be more every time I looked in the mirror. It was exactly like I tried using black eye shadow on my lashes. I have never experienced anything …Read more

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Other - ULTA - Ulta- whole store

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This review is for the online service. I am disappointed in Ulta. I made two makeup orders last week, one from Ulta & one from Sephora. I felt that everything about my Sephora order was superior. The products from Ulta were all put into the same little plastic bag that was tied on top and placed in the shipping box. There was no protective wrapping, like bubble wrap. In the past I have …Read more

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