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Conditioner - Desert Essence - Coconut Conditioner

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If you're scent sensitive, i recommend not to buy this product. I suffer from migraine headaches for about a year and coconut scent is sometimes a trigger or it makes my pain worse. I used to use this product when my hair needed protein and quite like it. Beside the scent it's a good natural product.

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Gels/ Soaps - Aveeno - Skin Relief Body Wash

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I looove it! I use it to wash my new tatoos...doesn't dry them out,, I recommend this product. It doesn't even feel like a bodywash. Usually when I think bodywash I think drying, this is not the case with this product

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Hair Color - Garnier - Herbashine semipermanent color

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This is the first color box I tried...the color was really too dark...but probably it is my fault. Im such a rookie for hair least it's fading :). This product really dried out my hair,, my hair was feeling really hard while I was rinsing the product out...I'm really mad this product damage my hair...I have more split ends than before. Just be careful with this if you have …Read more

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Styling Products - Garnier - Pure Clean Gel

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I really like this gel for when I wear my hair curly.
Nice clumps.
May not be the best for fine-haired people, it's quite heavy.
This is make me thinks more of a jelly than a gel.

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