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Mascara - IT Cosmetics - Hello Lashes! 5-in-1 Mascara

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I really love the Hello Lashes Mascara. This will not flake all over your face, nor smudge. This gives me volume and length I get with one pass over.
I hope this doesn't get discontinued.
Worth the money in my opinion.

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Primer/ Corrector - Garnier - 5 sec Perfect Blur

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Hello everyone!. Firstly, my name is Amber Morris. I am a 32 year old Mama to 3 children, with larger than normal pores around my nose. This did absolutely nothing for my pores. I of course wanted this to work so very badly. Truth be told I have tried at least 15 different products that say they will diminish the look of pores and none have worked for me. If anyone has any recommendations for me …Read more

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