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Mascara - Younique - 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara Set

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I absolutely adore this product. I was a religious eyelash extension client until overuse took its toll on my natural lashes. This product creates the same effect as eyelash extensions.

It is simple to apply - as simple as applying mascara - and takes about 60 seconds. I find it's best to use a very light touch and a magnifying mirror during application.

After wearing …
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Masks - June Jacobs - June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque

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This product has been incredible for my skin. I dealt with 3 years of moderate-severe adult acne. Prior to turning 28 years old, I rarely saw a pimple and enjoyed glowy, smooth skin. The aftermath of my bout with acne was discouraging - pitting, hyperpigmentation, unever skin tone. After two applications of this product, my skin began to reveal its former self. Texture improved by 50% …Read more

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Hair Styling Tools - Mason Pearson - Detangler brush

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I have wavy, fine, very long hair. Although my hair is not thick, I have tons of it. This brush will detangle the most tangled hair without pulling or breaking. It's pretty incredible and a must have immediately following coloring my hair at the salon. However, I only use after highlighting. My complaint is that it doesn't fully "brush out" or detangle. Hair will appear …Read more

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Lotions/ Creams - Neostrata - Smoothing Lotion - AHA 10

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This line cleared my adult acne. For 4 years, I experimented with product after product - high-end, drug store, organic, all natural. Nothing worked (granted, oral Clindamycin did) and most products seemed to exacerbate my acne. Neostrata products are my miracles in a bottle. I use the antibacterial cleanser first and then apply a mixture of the Smoothing Lotion and Neostrata Bionic Lotion. Both …Read more

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Sunscreen - Cotz - Face SPF40

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When I first began using this product, I thought I had found a miracle in a bottle. The texture, consistency, and appearance can't be beat. It gives skin a beautiful glow without makeup and wears well under makeup. I didn't notice any burning or signs of irritation after applying it. However, after 3 weeks of use, I noticed my skin was covered in bumps - every pore was clogged. I …Read more

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Treatments (Face) - No Brand (DIY or homemade) - Lemon Juice

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My skin is acne-prone, sensitive, reactive, and intolerant. I was dealing with a never-ending cycle of breakouts and irritation. Desperate, I sent my boyfriend out to buy two organic lemons. Based on info provided on several websites, I decided to apply the juice from 1/4 of a lemon and leave it on my face from 30 minutes. The next day I noticed that my skin appeared slightly more irritated and …Read more

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