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Brows - CLINIQUE - Brow Shaper

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My HG brow powder for years! This stuff just lasts forever, I've been using my current powder for years, and I just hit pan on one side. For girls with dark black hair, this is your stuff - perfect match, looks very natural. The only downside, as with all powders, is that you will experience a bit of fading by the end of the day or if you are very sweaty.

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Moisturizers - Cetaphil - Moisturizing Cream

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I love this stuff! I have extremely dry skin - there are rough patches on my cheeks and a dead layer of skin forms on my nose every week. This cream makes my skin so soft and smooth and it is not oily whatsoever. An added bonus is that my complexion seems so much better using this, my skin is plumper and whiter.

Edit : Stopped working after a while, and broke me out.

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Lip Gloss - Bonne Bell - Lip Smackers - Dr. Pepper

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I bought this because I heard so many great stuff about it. But when I put it on, there was a nasty plastic smell and a horrible taste. The texture is great, but the lip balm leaves a plasticky red tint.

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