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Foundations - Stila - Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

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Everyone is different depending of skin type. This is the HG for sensitive dry skin which I have. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this foundation if you have oily or oily combination acne prone skin. I've been looking for a new foundation for months now until I went to Sephora and the girl recommended it. I have old acne (cystic) ice pick scars and discoloration (yay for me) I need full coverage …Read more

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Foundations - Too Faced - Born This Way Foundation

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Not for me I have super dry sensitive skin due to some medication messed up my skin barrier I tried different primers I prep really well it didn’t dry me out which is a plus but due to skin I have horrible skin texture due to cystic acne when I was in my 20’s Anyways.......I liked the feel of it was ok but I felt like my skin couldn’t breathe and settled into suuuuuper fine lines and looked a tad …Read more

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Palettes - Tarte Cosmetics - Rainforest Of The Sea

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I didn’t know what to expect when I get this pallete. It’s not my favorite I guess it’s the natural ingredients that tarte uses which I totally appreciate that aspect of tarte. I have the foundation clay stick and I’m in love with it and will repurchase. This was a dud for me it’s not terrible but it’s meh esp for the price. I guess I’m used to poisonous ingredients that Mac and NARS probably use …Read more

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Masks - GLAMGLOW - ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

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I am 37 I’m Filipino with medium brown skin darker than tan I have fine lines at the top of my forehead and very fine lines around mouth this product is not for fine lines it actually accentuated the lines on my forhead and made them look horrible. I use a glycolic acid for fine lines that works great until I put this over it. This product is not for anti aging skin prob okay for 20 year olds …Read more

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