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Foundations - wet n wild - Photo Focus Foundation

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2 months ago

I purchased this foundation hoping it would be just as good as some of the make-up gurus make it seem, but it was just a big let down.
The price point for this foundation was honestly good. It was around 7 US dollars and I bought it from Kendra. The shade range was pretty minimal, the shop having just four shades available, but I somehow found a pretty good match. The packaging is not too …
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Crème - Inglot Cosmetics - YSM Cream Foundation

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I purchased this product a few days ago and decided to test it out a couple of times before writing a review. The foundation comes in a nice plastic tube, that allows you to squeeze out as much product as you wish. I got matched by the shop assistants and I have to say that the color matches my complexion quite well. The price is in between, not exactly cheap but not extremly expensive either …Read more

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