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Conditioner - LUSH - Big

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This is by far the very worst "conditioner" I ever used.

As I'm a big fan of the scent of BIG shampoo I thought the conditioner would be a good investment - the shampoo does my hair no good at all, unfortunately...
And as I'm one lucky girl who has a room mate working for LUSH - yes, I am actually boasting at the moment :D - I could try it without paying …
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Cleansers - LUSH - Let the Good Times Roll Face & Body Cleanser

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Do I really have to praise the scent again? Well, yes, it deserves being mentioned again: HOLY CRAP, if it was eadible I'd so munch it all up!

But I think the taste won't be as great as the effect it has on my skin, so... Let's skip the nosh-up and rub it all over the face - the skin will turn out smooth and soft.

"Let the good times roll" is …
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Deodorants - LUSH - The Greeench

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I was never satisfied with any deodorant I ever used - they were either just heavily scented to cover the smell of sweat (which resulted in me smelling like vanillaflowerswhatever AND sweat... Lethal combination for everyone around...) or made me sweat even more. I didn't expect anything from this LUSH powder deo, but - hallelujah - it works quite good. I use it over a solid deodorant by …Read more

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