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Misc Beauty Tools - Unlisted Brand - DUO - Eyelash Adhesive

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Oh, my saviour~ Duo eyelash glue...
Before I met you, putting eyelashes were like war. *cough*cough* sorry... but yeah, this is a great glue, no wonder it gets all the hype. I used to hate putting on false eyelashes, they never stuck on my lashes no matter how hard I tried, but this glue, oh my gosh, it is so gooddd~ it sticks really well and dries clear, that other fugly glue never dried …
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Highlighters - Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat No 1

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This is a really nice highlighter. (See comparison with L'oreal Lumi Magique below)
+ Glow-y and light reflective without being shimmery/glittery.
+ Easy to apply
+ Portable
+ Creamy
+ Does not stick on dry patches and is moisturising
+ Luxe packaging
+ Does not become globs on oily skin

- Needs to be cleaned once a week, or the product will go …
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Liquid - SHISEIDO - Radiant Lifting Foundation SPF 17

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This is an amazing foundation. It is so glowy and radiant just like its name. I have very oily skin but I absolutely love this foundation. If you have dry skin, I'm sure you will go crazy with it (in a good way) :)

+ Radiant and glowy
+ Last all day
+ Does not disappear/slide although it does gets oily, solution: wear primer
+ No transferring
+ …
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Makeup Brushes - Wayne Goss - The Collection

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This is a review for brush no. 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 (all except no.7 - it was sold out)
Favourite: 2 and 8
Least favourite: 1
First of all these are all amazing brushes. How amazing it is? I have been using these for the last month. They are incredible soft (softer than Mac brushes and similar quality with Tom Ford and Hakuhodo -> the brush producer), precise and multitaskers. I bought …
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Highlighters - theBalm Cosmetics - Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

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+ Shimmery without being glittery
+ Very pigmented
+ Buttery smooth
+ Large amount of product
+ Quality packaging

+/- Bam in your face

- May be too obvious to use for a no makeup makeup look
- Without a light hand it will be an overkill

This is an amazing highlighter. It is something you want to use for an evening look. It makes you …
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Mascara - Isehan - Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl and Super Waterproof Mascara

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This is an a holy grail mascara for straight and short Asian lashes. I had tried several different brands, Shiseido, Anna Sui, Covergirl, Benefit They're Real, and some others that I forgot the brand of, but this one works the best. I got it online here in Australia for AUD 18.95 (not including shipping).

+ Lengthens lashes! My lashes even went above my crease …
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Scrubs - LUSH - Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub

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Why? Oh why? I don't get why people hypes about this so much. I did like it at first for a 2 weeks and then the problems of this scrub starts to show up.

+ vegan
+ smells nice and fresh, it is sort of lemony and salty but does not necessarily remind me of beach as some people claim.
+ recyclable packaging.

The above are probably the only pros I …
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Moisturizers - LUSH - Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer

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It is a very nice moisturiser, nice but not great. It smell better than Vanishing cream, more balanced in oil/water ratio (Vanishing cream is more watery and less oil). Just as light as vanishing cream and help the face to slightly glow. It is the best Lush moisturiser and the most expensive(In Australia, it retails AUD 74.95 for 45g!!)

Sadly the moisturiser does not do much to my …
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Mascara - benefit Cosmetics - They're Real Lengthening Mascara

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+ long, volumising, black and hold curls well
- clumpy and spidery

I'm currently in the hunt for a good mascara for my straight, thin, few and short Asian lashes. Many youtubers rave about this mascara and after a long thought I finally open my poor student wallet and buy it. It costs AUD 38 here in Australia and it does not give me back my money worth. Well, it actually …
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