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Moisturizers - Cetaphil - Moisturizing Cream

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I tried Cetaphil years ago and hated it, it made my skin feel sticky and after a few days raw and irritated.
Dermatologists brainwashed me and I tried it again recently, UGH.. I can't find anything good to say about it.
Okay, it doesn't make me break out, that's it. It still gives me a slight rash, it didn't feel like it did anything.

I looked up the …
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Moisturizers - Avene - Skin Recovery Cream

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Really nothing special at all for me. I was having an irritated skin day, which happens frequently, it felt raw and uncomfortable.
I"d heard really good things about it so I picked it up.
I expected at least some calming, or cooling effect, it really felt
like any of the other myriad drugstore brand "moisturizers" out there.
It even stung for a while after I …
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