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Mascara - wet n wild - Mega Wear Mascara

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This mascara is awesome! I purchased it before work one day when I realized that -due to me having a 5 year old and a scatter brain- I had walked out of the house with no mascara on and didn’t have my usual back up with me either! It was $0.93 at Walmart so I figured that even if it only got me through one day, it was worth it. And WOW!!! Was it worth it! The brush isn’t gloopy, and it’s …Read more

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Primer/ Corrector - Maybelline New York - FaceStudio Master Prime Primer Makeup - Blur + Redness Control

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Very disappointed. First, it says "Blur + Redness Control." My face tends to be very red, thus part of the reason I need primer. This primer did absolutely nothing to control the redness of my face. Also, it's very thin, so you have to use quite a bit to cover your face, and it does not hold makeup in place the way that a primer should. Overall, I would not re-purchase or …Read more

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Liquid - REVLON - Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation Dry Skin

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I recently purchased the liquid version of this foundation after my Whipped version ran out. While I love the whipped Color Stay foundation, they didn't have the shade I needed (150-Buff). So, instead of trying to find the right shade in an all new foundation, I opted for the liquid version in the same shade. I was a little nervous, because I tend to be very heavy handed when it comes to …Read more

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