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Mascara - L'Oreal Paris - Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

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It is official...I do not like this mascara. The brush design is awesome but the mascara itself has a cheap moisturizer smell ugh. Even worse is the oily greasy consistency that makes it difficult to apply. Like trying to pin jello to a wall. It doesn't have tackiness to stick easily and takes too long to dry. I end up smearing accidentally grrr. I'll continue to use the loreal …Read more

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Lotions/ Creams - Unlisted Brand - Kerasal foot ointment

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Markedly better results than Flexitol and any other heel balms I've tried. With being able to wear open sandals almost 10 months out of the year here in Texas, I'll never have baby soft heels, but with using Kerasal several times a week right after a shower, my heels are definitely softer and pink not yellow,flaky or cracking. And I love that this doesn't leave yellow and gummy …Read more

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Hair Color - Unlisted Brand - COLOR WOW ROOT COVER UP

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It turns out this is just eye shadow at a glorified price. :(

My natural hair color medium brown (dishwater blonde) and I have blonde highlights. At most this product does slightly blend the color change at the grow-out along my natural part so that the line isn't so straight and drastic. But I realize I could have gotten the same results from a $2.50 no name eyeshadow! The …
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