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Conditioner - PANTENE - Beautiful Lengths

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I just bought this the other day. I only used it once I actually already have long hair down to the middle of my back but i wanted it to help stop the breakage and split ends I used it one time so far. I Noticed that my split ends were still really dry after i used it but it did make it really shiny the first day and the second day but it made my hair really greasy looking fast i usually only …Read more

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Moisturizers - Simple - Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15

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I really was excited to try this product because I have really sensitive skin. So I went ahead and bought it at CVS. First of all it was $14.00 which I thought was too expensive but I figured I would try it because everyone said it was worth it. It was NOT. It really burned when I put it on and it did not sink into my skin it sat on top of my face and made me oily and made me actually break out …Read more

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Hair - Unlisted Brand - Hair One - Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

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It's only my second day using this product and i absolutely LOVE the results so far ! I'm using the Olive Oil for Dry Hair bottle. It was on sale at Sally's this week for $9.99. I really really wanted to try WEN but it was too much money for me so I tried this instead. My hair is pretty long and kind of thick but it was getting thinner and breaking a lot from all the styling tools …Read more

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