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Hair Removal - Clio - Palmperfect

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$9.99 at the local drugstore. My goal was to be able to shave without cutting myself, and the product was successful in that regard. However, as previous reviewers have pointed out, the product doesn't provide a close shave. You will definitely end up with stubble, especially on your legs. If, like me, you have very light hair, and no one's going to be touching your legs, this shaver is …Read more

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Blush - Everyday Minerals - Pink Ribbon Blush

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Pink Ribbon Blush was a special color Everyday Minerals featured for Breast Cancer Awareness Month- during October, the proceeds from the sale of this product went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The product itself is a bright, sparkly strawberry blush color, and seems to be pretty popular among customers. No word on whether or not Pink Ribbon will be a regular offering.

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