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Eyeliner - mark. - Eyemarker in Jet

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love it. it's really smooth when you put it up. great price too: $5.50. i think the packaging could be slightly better, but it's not so bad. it stays pretty much all day, it flakes a little, but nothing a little touch up couldn't fix. i'd buy it again.

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Makeup Brushes - benefit Cosmetics - Concealer Brush

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at first, i thought it was a great investment.. but really, i never use it. I use my benefit foundation brush more than my concealor brush. the problem with the concealor brush is that it's too hard and it doesnt blend concealor very well.

It works well if you have something really dark to conceal (ahem, hickeys?) and you'd need more concealor anyway.

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Other - Crest - Whitestrips

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Well, It works. But, it tastes so gross and when you take off the white strip, it's like allll gooey and just nasty. I actually put a kleenex under my tongue so I dont have to swallow that crappy goo. Its just so gross to me. But It does whiten and thats it's purpose.

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