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Bronzers - benefit Cosmetics - HOOLA

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I feel so left out with this product. I REALLY wanted to like it but it just makes me look dirty, muddy, etc. I was looking for something a little less time-intensive that my Clinque Bronzer for Men which, incidentally, is the best, most natural looking bronzer on the planet, at least for me. I've never tried ANYTHING that appeared more natural on the skin. But I always feel like it …Read more

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Hair Treatments - It's a 10 - Miracle Leave-In Product

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I really can't say enough good things about this stuff. It's AWESOME. I think the less than stellar reviews are written by folks who perhaps aren't using it correctly. I've tried just about everything out there and nothing comes close to 10 Minute Miracle. Yeah, it's costly but the product absolutely delivers

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