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Highlighters - BECCA - Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter - Moonstone

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opal was sold out so i got this and when i opened first thing in my mind |The Blam Mary lou- highlighter swatches them both and i was like sh** wasted my money they are pretty much really really close dupe and the balm one is more intense witch in my case means better, of you have the balm highlighter dont run getting this , normal person that isnt into makeup most likely woudnt know the …Read more

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Contour - Anastasia Beverly Hills - contour kit tan to deep

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Honestly dont get me wrong but this looks on pics and online a lot bigger s dont be surprised when you get it and its tiny, my first reaction was WTF,
I was so excited to get it cuz its so talked about but honestly nothing special about it , so if you want to get it do, if you are between getting this or maybe something else get something else better this isnt life changing ive way more …
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