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Masks - No Brand (DIY or homemade) - Milk of Magnesia Mask

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THE BEST THING FOR OILY SKIN OUT THERE!!!!! I have such oily skin you can seriousley fry french fries on my face not even kidding. I just apply this all over my face before makeup or even if im not wearing makeup and it really keeps the oil at bay.. Since i have really oily skin i do get a bit oily around my nose but thats nothing! If i dont use this my makeup seriousley slides off my face within …Read more

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Cleansers - Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser

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This stuff is definatley amazing! After hearing all the hype around this product, i decided to try it out myself, and i love it. Its gentle but yet it makes your face feel so nice and clean and it removes all your makeup (waterproof mascara not so much) I have very oily skin and this wash really cleans my face... so if you have sensitive skin or any skin type at all, you should try it out! :)

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Skincare - Body - No Brand (DIY or homemade) - DIY Tea Tree Oil Scalp and Body Treatment

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I really wanted to like this product after hearing so much good reviews about it... But it isnt for me. Tea tree oil is definatley not for people who have sensitive skin (like me) eve after diluting it, it left my skin so raw and red and it also caused me to get cystic acne.. even after my parents constantley telling me to stop using it, i was stubborn still holding onto the hope that it might …Read more

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Treatments (Face) - Unlisted Brand - Adult Acnomel tinted cream

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I applied this to all my problem areas and the next day i had brown patches all over my face that peeled off and made my skin red and raw... I do not recomend this to everyone.. ive read some mixed reviews about if but it didnt work for me :/ Beware!

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Mascara - L'Oreal Paris - Telescopic Mascara - Carbon Black

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I really wanted to like this mascara. After running out of my Maybelline Falsies masccara (which is amazing btw) i decided to grab the Loreal telescopic. as i said i really really wanted to like this but this mascara didnt hold a curl for me. It has amazing lenghthening power but after few seconds my lashes just fall and go straight :/ I guess ill just be going back to my falsies.

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