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Loose Powders - Sisley-Paris - Transparent loose face powder

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Technically "Transparant" is the wrong name for this powder, but from the reviews I deduce we're all talking about a loose powder which is called "Phyto poudre libre" in Europe.
I have got "Irisee" and "Matte". I first purchased the latter. It's not bad, but not good either. For a mattifying effect, I'd much rather use my cheap Rimmel …
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Foundations - Sisley-Paris - Sisleya Le Teint

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In hindsight, I really don't understand why I bought this foundation. The amount of money this foundation costs, buys me groceries for two people for approximately three weeks. With that said, it is not a bad foundation. The colour 'porcelain' suits my super pale skin well. And, I think I really noticed a 'plumbing' effect. It feels nice on the skin. I know this sounds …Read more

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Powder - La Prairie - Cellular Treatment Foundation Powder [DISCONTINUED]

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Well, the packaging is gorgeous. It might serve perfectly as a business card holder if you could change the insides. I was very underwhelmed with the product itself though. In general, I really like powder foundations because they are easy and fast to apply and do a better job at controlling my oily T-zone than other types of foundations. The La Prairie compact did a decent job at oil control …Read more

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Powder - Unlisted Brand - Collistar - Compact Matte-Finish Foundation

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I recently bought this powder foundation after my favourite - infallibale powder foundation by L'Oreal was discontinued. Unfortunately, this stuff is a far cry from the much cheaper L'Oreal powder - it is absolutely awful. Like every other sane person I use sunscreen; this product in color 2 beige will turn into a very unnatural brick-like orange if you use it on sunscreen (this is …Read more

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