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Eye Shadow - CHANEL - Soft Touch Eyeshadow - Safari

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The shade, texture, and longevity are all gorgeous. This has been my favorite eyeshadow for 6 years now, since I was 15 and got one "fancy item" for my birthday. I have light-medium olive skin, dark brunette hair, and very dark grayish-green eyes. It's suits my coloring so perfectly! It's one of the few shades I love to use as a stand-alone, but I also like to do looks with it …Read more

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Shampoo - L'Oreal Paris - EverPure Moisture Shampoo

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My hair is nearly waist length and super thick. It's about 1c/2a and curlier in the summer. I was strictly CG for a while but my hair does better with some silicones and sulfate free shampoos. It works best when I only really wash my scalp and let the suds just flow down the length of my hair. Anyway, when you cut out the sulfates and silicones, there IS a transition period, it takes a while …Read more

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Tinted Moisturizer - NARS Cosmetics - Velvet Matte Skin Tint

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This is what I've always been looking for! I like the regular TM but my skin is way too oily for it, especially during the summer. This is basically a matte version of that. It does everything that the classic Nars TM does for me except it doesn't get shiny. No, it doesn't provide much coverage, but that's kind of the point. It's quick and easy to apply and looks natural …Read more

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