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Liquid - MILANI - Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer

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i wore this the other day for a fotd and a youtube video. It made me look so different i felt like i had tanned . so that was great.. and i didnt mind it at all! yes after several ours just the part on forehead was a lil oily but its ok. i say powder and it hold though! and it covers!

i got light beige i think and it covered nicely! heres my pic!

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Blush - Unlisted Brand - Beauty Treats Matte Blush Palette

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These are amazing! Pigmented . they blend nicely and have ten colors in the palette! Im thinking why always having to spend so much on High end makeup to achieve nice looks! so untrue! there are amazing brands undiscovered and we should review so other women who are trying to purchase or build there collection can afford and it does NOT have to be high end only! I have bought High End stuff and …Read more

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