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Skincare - Body - NUXE - Huile Prodigieuse Or (Gold Shimmer Multi-Purpose Dry Oil)

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THIS PRODUCT IS ALL HYPE! - Nuxe Company has Horrible Service
-There have been quite a few positive reviews on blogs for Nuxe OR oil and the idea of a multi-use spray on product really appealed to me.
-So, I finally decided to purchase it and picked the mini sample of the original oil as well I was kind of excited so I paid for upgraded shipping.
-Sprayed it and thought …
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Palettes - Lauren Hutton - Naturals Face Disk

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I like the concept, packaging, and convenience of this product. The pricing for the refills are good too.
I love the Matte Blush (soft natural color can apply it with my eyes closed)

The Bad----
-However the customer service/ fulfillment company blows.
According to their website the disc I ordered was "In stock", so I ordered the set (which came with a bunch …
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Mascara - Mirenesse - Secret Weapon 24 HR Super Long Mascara

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Mascara is the same brushes are different.
- Thick: ( wider set bristles, gets the most product on, will get on your skin if you have sparser lashes),
-Original: ( regular mascara brush, not my fave),
-Long: (closer set bristles defines each lash)

Use the long brush and thick brush, when time allows.
if you don't have time and use the thick brush look down …
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