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Hair Treatments - Redken - Extreme Strength Builder Plus [DISCONTINUED]

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I was lost for words when I tried this! Seriously nothing else will work better on chemically damaged hair.

My hair was completely bleached out and a mess - I thought I would have to cut allot of my hair off. I was highly recommended this and even after one deep treatment my hair was physically softer and a hell of a lot better!! A miracle in a bottle. Don't bother with anything …
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Liquid - Bourjois - Healthy Mix Foundation

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Don't understand the hype on this product. I would understand why people with dry skin would do wonders however anyone with oily skin STAY AWAY . I have given it many goes over 2 months, with and without setting powders, strays etc best primers it still smears after a few hours and oxidises bad. Flower perfection is way better then this any day.

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