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BB Cream - Lancôme - UV EXPERT Mineral CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 50

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9 months ago

Seriously, for anyone who knows their stuff in regards to physical sunscreens, you Do Not want a predominance of titaniium dioxide. You want zinc oxide.
Zinc oxide protects against All the UVA rays, while titanium oxide Only protects
against the short range UVA rays. It is advised by skin experts to stay away form
this ingredient as the principle protector in a physical sunscreen as …
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Lip Treatments - Smith's Rosebud Salve - Minted Rose Lip Balm

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For however cute the tin is or the product is, to have to fight with the packaging
every time I want to use it is ridiculous. Forget quickly grabbing out of my pocket to apply it. I just spent 5 minutes with pliers opening it, and I've tried to make
the cap wider. I had one years ago that was fine. So maybe like most products, the quality has becomes degraded in quality over the …
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CD/Books/Movies - Unlisted Brand - Allure magazine

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Since Linda Wells left as editor, this magazine has gone steadily downhill.
Articles that are worthless in the real world. This is a beauty magazine.
I want articles that are useful, like before.
Not obtuse, hip, politically correct stories They are boring and who
really cares? And each issue keeps getting
thinner and thinner. Stop trying to be so politically correct and …
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